Electronically Activated Bottle Opens with Touch of Lips


New Lyd bottle features lid sensitive to the touch of lips to avoid liquid spills during driving, jogging etc.

Improving the efficiency and convenience of daily consumer tasks is a sure-fire way to retain a strong customer base. Innovation surrounding common items such as water bottles are therefore highly effective even when also quite simple. In recent past, various eco-friendly water bottles, were launched such as a paper-based biodegradable water bottle and smart water bottle that directs users to the nearest refill station.

The U.S.-based company recently revealed Lyd bottle, which has touch sensor integrated within lid powered by an onboard rechargeable battery. It operates on sensor, when the sensor detects user’s lips touching any part of the lid, it withdraws a motorized internal stopper, allowing the liquid within to flow out from all around the edge of the lid – there’s no having to locate a specific sipping spot.

Once user withdraws lips, the stopper automatically goes back in place. Furthermore, one wireless charge of the battery, which takes around four hours, withstands charging for around two weeks of regular use. Moreover, if battery run out between charges, the user can manually click the stopper in and out of place. The bottle itself is of the vacuum-insulated double-walled stainless steel variety, and is being offered in 17 and 13-ounce sizes (503 and 384 ml).

It’s currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, where a pledge of US$ 39 for the little one and US$ 44 is required for the big one – their planned retail prices are US$ 69 and US$ 79, respectively. Lyd will start shipping in November 2018, assuming it reaches production.


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