Misty II Robot Can Perform Complex Tasks


Misty Robotics, a robotics company, announced launch of its Misty II programmable robot, on May 2, 2018.

Ministry Robotics, exhibited its second generation of programmable robot named Mistry II at the CES 2018. Misty I was a beta model only available to selected developers, however Misty II is more advanced and is available to a wider audience. Misty II has a white and grey screen displaying expressive cartoon eyes of the robot.

Tasks that Misty I was not able to perform and simply attain theoretically, can be performed by Misty II. The newly modified robot is powered by two Qualcomm Snapdragon processors and supports Windows IoT Core, and Android 7 operating systems. It is well-equipped with a far-field array mic, a 4K camera potentially streamed over Wi-Fi, integrated with facial recognition technology, has two speakers, and uses sensors to map space and avoid objects. Misty II allows users to download skills or create their own skill set for the robot, with the help of visual block-based programming or JavaScript APIs.

Misty II is thus capable of tasks such as recognizing specific people, autonomously navigating spaces, and docking itself for charging, while the robot taught to perform other complex tasks. The robot can also be used to patrol the perimeter of a user’s house, taking inventory of visible groceries, or even playing with a pet dog.