Oil Companies Donating to Combat Wildfires in Oklahoma


Oil and natural gas companies operating in western Oklahoma are donating to fight Oklahoma wildfires, as revealed on April 21, 2018.

Wildfires in western Oklahoma have burned several thousands of acres of land, which was dotted with oil wells and oil-field activity. The fire is widespread, however, oil wells and equipment are avoiding the flames.

“Our inspectors have not reported any incidents involving wildfires. Operations have been more difficult because of increased activity in the area,” said Matt Skinner, Oklahoma Corporation Commission spokesman.

The wildfires have burned areas in west of the state’s booming STACK play, however, are seen in an area of the Arkoma Basin, where Denver-based FourPoint Energy, LLC. is active. The fire has so far not affected the wells of FourPoint, however, the logistics of the company have been majorly affected due to the fires.

FourPoint’s operations have somehow managed to avoid the fire damage, however, several residents and businesses in the areas have not managed to do so. FourPoint, thus planned to donate US$ 2,000 to one of the 17 local volunteer fire departments in the area, to help combat the wildfires.

“We have field employees who live across western Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle region, and our operating footprint pretty much spans that entire area. Given the fact that our employees live in the area, we wanted to make sure the communities know we are there and support them.” said Samek, a spokesperson at FourPoint.

The company observed that fire-fighting trucks were lost, and pumps and hoses were being overused, due to which the company intended to help fight the fire by replacing the equipment. “Our contribution is a drop in the bucket to what they ultimately need, but we wanted to be able to spread the resources as much as we could to help as many departments as we can in the affected area.” Said Samek.

Several other oil and gas companies such as Marathon Energy and Continental Resources are contributing to this effort, hoping to put out with the fires as soon as possible and avoid potential ones, so as to cause minimal damage.