Packaging Innovations in Soy Milk Beverage


Seoul Diary Cooperative’s Achimae Soymilk launched in a microwaveable aseptic carton pack.

Achimae Soymilk, meaning ‘morning soymilk’, is a nutritionally-rich soy milk drink fortified with chickpea protein was recently launched in South Korea by  Seoul Diary Cooperative (SDC). The packaging assists the soy milk to be served warm, and is an easy on-the-go nutritious breakfast. Achimae Soymilk is the first of its kind to come with SIG’s Heat&Go technology for microwaveable heating.

According to Seoul Diary Cooperative (SDC), the consumption of hot beverages has gained popularity in South Asian countries and also consumers are looking for on-the go drinks that could be easily reheated. The Heat&Go technology in packaging provides opportunity for a variety of beverages that are consumed hot to enter the market. Tea, coffee, and other dairy products could look for innovative packaging using Heat&Go technology for microwaveable packaging.

Young Lee, head of the beverage marketing team at SDC, believes that the newly launched product will be a popular drink in the market. “Consumers today are looking for on-the-go convenience. The Heat&Go pack from SIG opens up new avenues of innovation and helps us market premium nutritional beverages such as our morning chickpea drink for new occasions and through new channels,” added Lee.

The Achimae Soymilk is available online and is sold through home websites, and will be retailed in grocery counters soon. The innovative packaging protects the drink from light, oxygen, scent, and water, even after heating. Thus maintaining the taste and flavor of nutritionally-rich soy milk. The Heat&Go packaging incorporates a fail-safe mechanism that enables the pack to open on its own in case of overheating to prevent sudden ruptures.