Persian Taxi Drives Take Free Etiquette Lessons


Parisian taxis are undergoing a free lesson on politeness, to help gear up against the arrival of other companies such as Uber, on April 7, 2018.

Persian taxis, easily recognized by their green or red signs, have been reputed as the world’s rudest taxi drivers.  The city taxi service is thus experiencing a decline in sales, as people prefer opting for other services that treat them well. The service thus was pressured to gear up in customer services.

The average rating of the service rose up to 4.6 stars out of five, after the training on service with a smile, an ironed shirt, and basic communication skills.

80 drivers failed to reform and were relegated to a lower taxi category. Mr André, an adviser to François Mitterrand in the 1950s, decided to revolutionize the taxi service. The revenues of the Persian taxi drivers plummeted, and thus they were incensed, as they paid up to €240,000 for a license while minicab ones are free.

“Drivers treated customers as they saw fit. This unsatisfactory situation gave rise to competitors. If you don’t satisfy your customers, someone else will,” he said.

He, thus gathered thousands of taxi drivers in a recent convention to prep them for the tough competition by competitors.